After an experimental procedure transfers her memories from her terminally ill body into a healthy clone, Lea is cured - save for one minor issue, her original body unexpectedly awakens.


GENRE: Drama/Sci-Fi
LENGTH: 12 mins


The Original is a sci-fi drama. Lea is a passionate young woman who suffers from a terminal illness. Short on time and options, she agrees to a new procedure which will transfer her memories into a healthy cloned body. The procedure appears to have been a success but as she is leaving the hospital with her partner, Gen, they are informed that the original body has unexpectedly awoken.

All three women return home that night beginning a complex love triangle; the original Lea being forced to watch from afar as the other two grow closer; the cloned Lea doubting if Gen will ever truly love her as much as the original; and Genevieve stuck between a past she can’t abandon and a future she can’t resist.

Jealousy, paranoia and isolation threaten to consume them all as they are forced to explore the true meaning of moving on, letting go and what you are willing to sacrifice for the person you love.


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