Stutter is an animated, dreamlike journey capturing the emotion and turmoil of a young boy struggling to communicate and how this manifests in his life.




GENRE: Psychological, drama, animated
LENGTH: 2 mins





Stutter is a collaboration with the visual motion designer Pedro Allevato. The idea behind Stutter was to capture the mental and emotional journey of growing up with a speech impediment. I began by writing a piece on my own personal experiences of this and worked with Pedro to make the script into something which would work as a narration to a visual piece. Pedro brought his unique style to the composition, marrying the script to dark and dream-like visual metaphors that blend from one scene to the next.

Oleg Shushkanov came on board and worked on creating a soundtrack that beautifully captured the anxiety and drama of the visuals and voice-over.


Stutter has been selected to be shown at several international film festivals. It made it's world premiere at ANIMFEST 2017 and had it's UK premiere at Short-sighted Cinema's The Shortest Nights.