A women's football team are on an end of season tour in Spain when The Rapture hits. Teamwork becomes a matter of life or death as the survivors find that the end of the world is just the beginning.


GENRE: Action/Comedy/Fantasy
LENGTH: 90 mins


The Rapture hits and 99% of people disappear. But that's just the beginning of the problems for the New Accrington Ladies Football team. On tour in Spain they suddenly find themselves in the biggest game of their lives. The sleepy Spanish town has become over-run by Raptors, vicious demons sent to Earth to clean up after the Rapture. Whether it was a mistranslation, a typo or that God just loves a good pun, it doesn't matter as the team don't have time to unpack their bags before they encounter their first raptor.

After they rescue a secretly atheist priest they learn the key to defeating the demonic creatures - holy water. Using the priest's powers to create more ammo they stock up on super-soakers and water balloons and take the war to the Raptors.