An inter-dimensional covert taskforce are forced to recruit their daydreaming receptionist to double as herself in a newly discovered reality. A job made more difficult by her alter ego's job as head of an inter-dimensional covert taskforce.


GENRE: Action/Sci-Fi
LENGTH: 50 mins TV Pilot



The Construct is a science-fiction action TV series about an organisation that travel to alternate dimensions and the missions that they partake in. The show is centred on Hana Suzumiya, a young woman who always dreamed of working as a secret agent. She's made it to the NSA but her job isn't quite what she hoped for - she's the secretary.

That is until The Construct, the super secret organisation that operate in a super secret part of the NSA building, recruit her. The Construct have discovered a way to cross through time and space into alternate dimensions and use this ability to gather information which will be used for the betterment of our reality.

Hana soon realises that she hasn't been recruited for her abilities but rather for who she is in the newly discovered alternate dimension, The Secretary of State, and head of The Construct.

Hana travels to the alternate Earth (codename: CYAN) and meets up with Shea, the "spotter" sent over by The Construct to survey the world and who discovered Hana's role there. Things go south almost immediately as they argue about what to do with Cyan's Hana who Shea has tied up in the trunk.