When I'm not writing my own scripts I often work with others on cool projects.

Below are a couple of examples.


I worked with the great folks at NuccoBrain on helping wine expert Barry Dick to rebrand himself in a unique and fun way. Barry wanted to set himself apart from the typical image of wine experts to give him an edge in the market. I spent time with Barry talking about his vision for this. As the brand in this case was Barry himself it was important that we landed on a style and direction that he was comfortable with and that he felt represented his qualities and personality.

The superhero theme was eventually chosen and thus The Wine SuperHero came to be. I wrote the script for the "origin story" of The WineSuperHero, telling Barry's impressive story of wine expertise in a way that was fun and visually interesting. I operated in between NuccoBrain and Barry, tweaking the script until we had something that fit the bill both artistically and commercially.

I also worked on the website for The Wine SuperHero, providing all the copy needed.


I was hired by BlackArrow Films to turn their detailed outline for Fly or Die into a full script. Throughout the process I provided them updates on the script itself as well as detailed analyses on the script such as beat sheets, dialogue breakdowns and character biographies. In this process I was in close contact with them and rewrote several key moments to the improve the structure of the film.

I created many of the materials used to brand and market the film to investors including a full outline for two possible sequels.